Near the motel there are two saunas by the lake for getting cleaned up after a day’s flying. The days’ flights and adventures are discussed in detail and in peaceful surroundings, with the possibility to take a swim in the lake.

Big sauna especially has a nice beach for children to play during the hot summer days.
Remember that the small sauna is of more traditional type, without hot water from the tap. Mix the cold and hot water in the small wash basin before washing.

Both saunas can be reserved for private use. Check rates from the price list.

Do you know how to bathe in sauna?

Start by taking a shower, this helps to keep the hot room clean.
It is good idea to remove make up too, if you are using any.
Enter the sauna, hottest place is on the upper bench. Please sit on a towel, this also helps to keep the hot room clean.
Sit and relax for few minutes, let the heat warm you thoroughly and open the pores of the skin.
Throwing the water on the stones of the heater makes the room feel hotter and also adjusts the air moisture.
When you feel hot enough, step outside, you can sit in the changing room or outside, maybe you want to take antoher shower. Swim in the lake feels good too.

And this you can repeat as many times as you like.
Finally, shower to clean yourself from the sweat. Dry yourself and cool properly before clothing again. If you want to take good care of your skin, use some moisturising lotion.

It is important to prevent dehydration, and it is good idea to have something to drink with you. Finns like to drink something when sitting outside and cooling down, most commonly used drink is beer. But water is best for you, of course.

Remember that in Räyskälä Sauna it is not allowed to take glass bottles in the hot room with you.