Local Info

Räyskälä is famous for its plain terrain, with forests, lakes and fields, long days in the summer time and good thermal conditions. There are no tricks in flying in Räyskälä. It has four paved runways with associated taxiways. There is ample room for landings and adequate parking facilities for gliders. The airfield is also the base of the Finnish Sports Flying Institute. Besides several gliding clubs there is also an active parachuting club, ultra light and experimental aircrafts.

Information map, airfield area (gif)

Toilets, saunas and showers

Toilets are situated in the motel and in the other end of Big Sauna building, there are also showers. Most of the motel rooms have toilets and showers too.

There are two saunas close to the motel, beside the lake. Do you know how to bathe in sauna?

Cooking and washing facilities

We have a small place for cooking in the Small Classroom (old part of motel) there is small cooker and sink, microwave and coffee maker available, with pots, pans and other kitchen accessories.

Separate bigger fridge for common use is available in the motel hall. Large dishwashing place is situated in the Big Sauna building, close to the toilets.

Washing machines are in Big Sauna building toilets. You need three tokens per wash. Tokens can be bought from the Café. You have to have your own washing powder, closest place to buy some is Räyskälä village shop.

Drinking water

Tap water is good drinking water in Finland. Drinking water is available also taps around camping area, which is the best tasting water in Räyskälä.

NOTICE! Do not drink from taps in the airfield and hangar area, as those are connected to lake water.


We have one TV for common use in the motel Big classroom.
In Finland we have more than 10 free tv-channels. Programmes are mostly in Finnish or English, some of programmes are in Spanish or Swedish. Programmes and movies are always in their original language, with Finnish subtitles. Most popular international shows are available too. Summer is usually time for re-runs.


If the evening is beautiful, you can always find someone sitting at the café back terrace spending time and enjoying the sunshine.


Usually most of the people spend their evenings around barbecues, making some dinner and flying again day's flights. Behind the motel is situated big barbecue building for common use.

Nearest Towns and other facilities

The nearest railway station is at Riihimäki, 45 km. Nearest food shop to meet your everyday needs is a small shop in Räyskälä village, 0,5 km. The nearest bigger towns to go shopping or to find entertainment are Forssa, 35 km and Hämeenlinna, 40 km.

A slightly smaller town, Loppi, 25 km, offers good shops and a few small restaurants, there is also nearest liquor shop "Alko". Other small town Tammela is also about 25 km to west. And 10 more kilometers there is Forssa.

Shops, opening hours

Food shops and bigger shops are open daily, opening hours vary, but on weekdays shops usually open between 8 and 10, and closing 21.00 latest. Smaller shops are closing at 18.00. Sundays bigger shops are open 12-21 or 12-18. Small shops like Räyskälä villages shop usually have their own opening hours.

Liquor shop Alko closes its doors on weekdays 18.00 or 20.00 and is always closed on Sundays.

Räyskälä village shop is open
Mon-Fri 9-20
Sat 9-18
Sun 10-18


The Civil Aviation Authority in Finland accepts all valid European licenses. No additional validation in Finland is needed.

Mobile Phones

You can buy prepaid SIM cards at all R-Kiosks and larger shops, prices are 15-20 euros and usually include 10 euros worth speaking time. Refill vouchers can be also bought at R-Kiosk.

Prepaid SIM cards also available in Räyskälä Foundation Office and in the competition office.

Credit cards

The most common card is Visa. MasterCard and American Express are accepted in most places. Nearest banks and cash dispenser are in Loppi centre.

Internet Connection

W-LAN network is available at café, around hangars and close to the motel and also in camping area.